Get the Perfect House Plan for Your Building

HOUSE-PAINTINGHaving the perfect house is of utmost importance, especially when you decide to build it instead of buy it. The plan of the house should be perfect, from the size of the rooms to the orientation of the house. Every little detail is important, because you cannot afford to demolish everything and start again, once the house is finished.

Planning is very important in this whole process, as there is no other option available once you finish it all. Just think about what it would all mean, if you finish your house and you will realize that there isn’t enough space for storage or that you don’t have an appropriate kitchen.

However, this is not all when you plan building your own house, because there are many people involved in this process, and you need to consider every step of the way.

To have the house of your dreams, you will need to find a good architect and a good construction company. This is a company that does both as they can marry the two disciplines to help you remodel your home . Here is how to find both of these without too much trouble.

Step 1 – Determine the Available Money

First of all, this is what you need to do. If you don’t have enough savings to pay for building a house, you should go to a financial company and ask for a loan. Depending on the amount that you take, the monthly rate will vary.

The financial institution will take into consideration your monthly income and how much money you can spend on paying the mortgage. This is because not all the income is considered, but only a part of it – you will still have to pay for utilities and other things that you need in a month, like food, clothes, going out with friends, etc.

Remember not to go for the upper limit of the amount that you qualify for – use less money to build your house, because you don’t actually need all of that. A financial advisor will be able to help you out at this stage, because this is all about planning, and a good planning is always preferred.

Step 2 – Get Ideas

house_home_294712This is also an important step, because you need to have some inspiration for your house. There are many web sites that are available in the online environment with plans for houses, starting from small houses to real palaces. Take a look around there and make an idea about different types of houses. Usually, you will find with each plan attached a sketch that contains an approximate cost for that house. This way you will also know where you qualify with your capital.

If you have been somewhere and you’ve liked the interior, draw from memory or if you can, go see again that house. You can combine the ideas or come up with something personal, until you have the result that you want.

Step 3 – The Interior

When you ‘create’ the design of your house, consider everything that you need inside. There are many rooms that you have to plan carefully, but apart from the bedrooms and the living room, you will also have to design the kitchens and some storage space. Kitchen remodeling companies will also help you with both the design and build of your project.

Consider each of these carefully, because you won’t be able to change something once you have finished the process of building. Each room should be designed from the start, and each idea should be noted down. When you go and talk to the architect, all these ideas should be clear in your mind.


Step 3 – Find an Architect

This is another step, as you will need an architect to design your house. Take the plan from the internet or draw something by yourself and go meet with a few architects. Explain them exactly what you want, with as many details as possible. If they have experience, they will be able to give you an approximate cost for the house that you want, but they will also show you different plans for similar models. Don’t rule them out, but choose carefully and you may find a more beautiful house.

Before the plan is finished, you might need to meet with the architect for 2 or 3 times. Be flexible and listen to the advice that you receive – the architect has the experience that you need to have a resistant and durable house. However, make sure he/she respects your wishes for the overall design – make sure you have all the spaces that you require and the rooms are as big as you want.

Step 5 – The Approvals

The approvals are the next step in your process. There are certain papers you need to fill to get the approvals from the local authorities. You will need different approvals for installing a water tank, connecting your house to electricity, another approval for the water and so on.

Woodcom_LogoAll these will be of use also to the financial institution that finances your loan, because they also need to know that you house has everything that you need inside and it’s adequate for living. Without water and electricity, they might consider the house impropriate and they’ll refuse your loan.

Step 6 – Find the Company

Once you have the plan of the house and you have all the approvals from the local authorities, it’s time to find a good company to build your house. This is very important, as you need a company that has experience and a good team of workers. Apart from this, they have to be specialized in all that is requested to build a house – building the structure, installing the electrical lines, building the walls, building the roof and so on. Each part requires different specialists, and they will need to have them all to offer a quality work for their clients.

Search for different companies, before choosing one for this project. You can look online, ask around your friends and also check out the recommendations that the architect has given you. Don’t rule out any of them, but ask as many questions when you decide for one company or another.

Step 7 – the Quotes

This is highly important, as the quote will contain all the details about building a house. You will know the total price, but also the price for each stage of the project – how much does each material cost, how many types of materials will there be used, when the work will start and so on. When the work will start, you will have a construction engineer that will be responsible for your project, and he/she will be the person you talk to in case you have questions. Until then, ask as many questions as possible, before closing the deal with any construction company.

toolsOnce the building process has begun, check with the construction all the step of the way, because they have to respect they initial plan. If you see that something is not respected, talk with the construction engineer that supervises the project. This way you will be able to know what is done, when is done and by who. This is important because it’s your money that you are talking about, and this matters more than you may think.

Building a house is a highly important project. It’s not just about the money that you use for paying for this, but it’s also that the house will also have a sentimental value for you. You will know that you have build the house from nothing – with the help of others, of course – but it was your idea and your planning. This will make it so much more valuable in your eyes, because it will be the most important place where you’ll spend time with family and friends.

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